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0-9763547-0-5Information Retrieval Design (paperback edition) $65.00
0-9763547-2-1eRental, Information Retrieval Design $29.95
978-1-59271-023-2Cross-Cultural Negotiations and Dispute Resolution: Paperback Textbook $59.95
978-1-59271-047-8Political Terrorism and International Law $83.95
978-1-59271-102-4Military Intervention in Afghanistan $30.95
978-1-59271-137-6Ways of Reasoning, 2008 Edition $89.95
978-1-59271-173-4Stategic Management (Pe'er) $34.95
978-1-59271-201-4Laboratory Handbook for Sensory Evaluation of Foods $18.95
978-1-59271-203-8Marketing Strategy $99.95
978-1-59271-206-9Moral Problems in Medicine and Health Care $79.95
978-1-59271-232-8eRental, Cross-Cultural Negotiations and Dispute Resolution $49.95
978-1-59271-256-4Negotiations: Article Packet (Edited by D. Levin) $20.95
978-1-59271-257-1eRental, Ways of Reasoning, 2008 edition $44.95
978-1-59271-258-8Business Policy and Strategy $64.95
978-1-59271-292-2Culinary Nutrition Lab Manaual $47.95
978-1-59271-387-5Lecture Topics in Dinosaurs, 2nd Edition $29.95
978-1-59271-388-2When the Chips are Down: Individual and Community Responses to Environmental Problems $88.95
978-1-59271-797-2Interpersonal Communication: Making Social Worlds $85.95
978-1-60182-180-5The Collected Series: Five Approaches to Acting $69.95
978-1-60182-181-2Getting to the Task
Part One, Five Approaches to Acting Series

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